This Jewel called MiMa (Microcosmos-Macrocosmos) molded sculpture of clay is a nymph of the forest that possesses the shoes in her hands to carry the steps of the future.

Emerging from a lotus flower is sustained and nourished by plants and nature.

Its imprint is forceful, it is placed and influences from the source of the creation to its inner emerald through its superior one, to bring order and causes harmony.


On this 3D multidisciplinary piece, we see different artistic facets.

Drawing, painting with original pigments, conceptual objects, sculpture, and artwork in space as a performance.


The particular study of all the measurements of this art piece has been carried out according to the aim of obtaining a positive vibe.

The architecture of the tea table consists of double security glass broken, marking the exact point where MIMA is placed and the structure of beech wood with 13 paintings landscaping motifs legs.


Size: 92 x 69 x 54 cm
Year Created: 2017

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Master Piece

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